Jobs in progress-updated June 10, 2006

Courthouse Market
Fairfax, VA

skip trowel texture skip trowel texture
Market finished. Finish is REAL portland cement and REAL sand. Color is 97 "Pacific sand" from La Habra stucco. 
After a month there are still no cracks. Our method of stucco over painted blocks pays off again. When we used to nail metal lath over  painted block or stucco, we got a lot of cracks. 
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Close up of the skip trowel texture. I showed Jason's wife this picture and she liked it. 

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Adrienne's building
Washington, DC

Window insets color stucco finish
Window insets are finished with a grey stone-like color and texture. Back wall on the balcony showing the drip groove. Maybe you saw this before on the last update.

Bodnar Chiropractic Clinic
Alexandria, VA

Stucco on commercial building Facelift remodel coating the old stucco with new. 
We are using some new and old techniques. 
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Two stucco ceilings

Stucco ceilings .Stucco ceilings
Stucco ceilings outlast CHEAP DRYWALL many times over. Here is a nice radius canopy ceiling we did in Bethesda for Heb n co Const. 
Design is by Fox Architects 
Finish is white portland and silica sand. 
Color is "Dove grey" from La Habra stucco.
Looks better than CHEAP DRYWALL, too. 
Another new ceiling in the Foxhall Road area. Finish coat is Natural white portland cement. Sand in the finish coat is half number 2 (medium) and half number 1(fine) graded quartz. Quartzite silica sand is "Q-ROK" from US Silica.

Pebble dash stucco addition
Takoma Park, MD
for W B Dorman Construction

Pebble dash stucco Pebble dash stucco
Tyvek torn off and tarpaper put on on this  pebble dash addition. What this picture shows is old home-made tarpaper on the sheathing. Note how the  furring strips and wood lath are still in good  condition after more than 80 years even though they weren't covered with paper(or house wrap) but only mortar. Proof that real breathable stucco protects the wood.