Jobs in progress-updated May 30, 1999
I am a panel member at the NOVASHOC Forum,
on May 22 (Far right). I would love to see EIFS
banned from our state.

Veneer plaster in McLean, VA

USG Veneer basecoat USG Veneer basecoat
USG Veneer basecoat is troweled on imperial board(blue board)
USG Veneer basecoat is troweled on 
imperial board (blue board)
and allowed to set overnight.
white coated
Ceiling is white coated and troweled so slick you can see a reflection.

4 fancy stairway ceilings
Tyson's Corner, Virginia

Front of building 3/4" plaster stop
Front of building.
Another job for Ceilings and
, Landover, MD
3/4" plaster stop is shot to
the stringer (edge of stairs).
Drywall furring channel is
then shot 12" on center.
A view of the curve ready to lath A view of our scaffold
A view of the curve ready to lath. A view of our scaffold. The metal support
in the 
foreground is called a plaster jack.
As far as I know, they haven't been
made since 1951.

They're older than I am.
Self-furring metal lath sand
basecoat on metal lath
Self-furring metal lath is screwed to
Mynor getting ready to apply scratch
coat to the first stairway.
I only use sand for an aggregate
in plaster.
Sand is lot stronger than lightweight
aggregate. USG and Gold Bond say never
use anything but a sand
basecoat on metal

Q: Why do they call it a scratch coat ?
A: I don't know. I think because
of the scratching sound.

Grunley Construction patching plaster.
Still working in the
Naval Security Station,
Washington, DC
for Grunley Construction
patching plaster.