Historic house re plastered
Washington, DC

Blue board is used on ceilings plaster jacks.
Plaster was stripped off of bricks Top Left:
Blue board is used on ceilings and wood framed walls. Here, veneer basecoat is troweled on.
One of my plaster jacks. Also called "house jacks", these make an excellent scaffold for plastering ceilings. If you haven't seen these on my site before, they haven't been made since 1951.
Plaster was stripped off of bricks by a 
previous owner. We put new plaster back.
rods off the brown coat white-coated
Mynor rods off the brown coat. We only use gypsum plaster and sand for our brown coat. Sand plaster is a lot harder than Structo-lite or light weight aggregate plaster. Ceiling white-coated, Carlos mixes up a "gauge" on the mortar board for the side walls.
dining room and living room stairway ceiling
Plaster stairway Top left:
Finished dining room and living room.

Curve detail on stairway ceiling.

Plaster stairways stand up to abuse.