Old Stucco Gallery
from April, 2004

My old stucco gallery, which is mostly pictures of jobs
we did before 1999, when I registered my domain, and before digital cameras.
More old stucco gallery More old stucco gallery, from 1999
Industrial museum
Harper's Ferry, West Virginia

Harper's Ferry Harper's Ferry

We did the stucco here in 1993. The original building was built in 1788, and stuccoed about  1820. 
 We made the cool house print by nailing 
2 x 4's up, and removing them after the 
mortar set up. There really was a house there at one time. Click for bigger view.
Pretty. We scored lines to simulate blocks and the wall was painted by an artist.

Harper's Ferry Historic stucco restored

Last remaining "islands" of the original
stucco show the marble paint. This area floods frequently, and the old lime and sand stucco  doesn't hold up.
We built a rack to be able to score the block "joints" quickly. In 100 degree temperatures, white cement sets way too fast. Click here or on the picture above for a bigger view.

Historic plaster in Harper's Ferry, West Virginia We plastered this house, too, when 
we were working in Harper's Ferry.

We took over the museum from a contractor who got kicked off the job. We plastered the inside, too.  Most of the work they did had  to be sledge hammered off the wall. 

We had a great time working up here. 

Tile Inlays Stucco floors
Tile Inlays Stucco floor

Pretty. We did this addition 2 years ago, (2002) and you  may have seen it on my progress updates. 
I made a separate page to show it off. 
Please click here or on the picture for more.
I think these stucco floors are just 
too cool. I would like to do more of them in the future. If you haven't seen my floor on my progress updates, please click here or on the picture.