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Synthetic stucco finishes deteriorate quickly

Added June 1, 2013

Why do people put on synthetic stucco finishes ?
      Because they don't have the skills to work with the real thing. These finishes are put on by low skilled,
and usually low paid EIFS workers who don't have the ability to work with a REAL cement finishes.

Added June 1, 2013

This material is fraudulently pawned off as REAL stucco to an unknowing public. Synthetic stucco finish is a highly toxic acrylic paint and usually has plastic sand. What the industry doesn't tell you is that it deteriorates and crumbles in less than ten years.

I took the top video in Alexandria, Virginia in May, 2013.
The bottom is from Vienna, Virginia in April, 2012.
I have more videos and photos, but if you don't believe me, try this yourself.

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