Stucco resurfaced.
Silver Spring , Maryland.
Old stucco is repaired and resurfaced with a color cement finish in Silver Spring , Maryland. Painted stucco is chipped
Painted stucco is chipped about every 3-4 inches to allow a key for a bonding coat of cement, sand and an acrylic bonder.
Loose areas are knocked out and filled with new metal lath and mortar.
Old whitewash didn't bond well to the old stucco and is knocked off, Old sloppy patches
and loose areas are also cut out and filled with new lath and mortar.
The side wall had all the paint scraped off to the bare
stucco drip edge
The side wall had all the paint scraped off to the bare stucco. This required no chipping.
A new thin bonding coat and finish coat are applied.
A 3/4" plaster stop is put on the bottom and filled in with mortar. This not only provides a neat finished edge for the bottom, but also serves as a drip edge, so water drips off the bottom and not runs back under the house..
chipping and cutting out loose areas and old patches Bonding coat applied to house
Still chipping and cutting out loose areas and old patches. Bonding coat applied to house. 
Finish coat is a mix of white portland cement, lime and white sand. Color is powdered stucco
color from Expo stucco.  Here, color is sprinkled on top of the dry mix and then mixed
Our chimneys always have a band around the top. This prevents as much water running down the face of the chimney extending the life of the stucco.   Of course the tops are rounded or angled for good water run off.
Back side finished. brand new stucco
Back side finished. Color is a smokey grey color. Color is a custom mix from Expo stucco. Front of house shows off the brand new stucco.
We can recoat most old stucco instead of tearing it all the way off, provided that the old stucco is hard underneath. The acrylics give us assurance that this is a permanent application.