Jobs in progress-updated December 22, 2009
               Almost 11 years of jobs in progress, update # 109 !

Tom's retaining wall

Stucco master plaque Old wall prepared
Tom made this nice copper plaque which we embedded in the stucco. It was really 2009 and not 2008, in case you're wondering.. 
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Paint is chipped off brick and old concrete. Crumbly old sand brick are crumbled down to where they are pretty solid. We fill inthis area with some high strength stuff to hold it all together.
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Traditional stucco finish Chimney cap
Look any better ? Wall finished with REAL portland cement and REAL sand. Color is stucco color from Expo stucco.
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Top of chimney is redone,and color matches retaining wall.
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Pebble dash kings
our second color
pebble dash project.

Color Pebble dash Color Pebble dash
Finished wall. Usually our pebble dash jobs are done with grey portland cement and are painted afterward. The reason we haven't done any color pebble dash, is that color work requires white portland cement, which sets a lot faster, not giving us much time to finish the wall. Now we have a little more confidence, we plan to do more in the future.

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A color sand mix is trowel on and then the color pebble mix is thrown on. Here, Mynor cuts in a drip groove below the window sill.

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Old stucco torn off Old stucco was done just less than 20 years ago and was falling apart.

 See how we tore the old stucco off

Old stucco
repaired and resurfaced
Silver Spring, MD

Stucco recoated Wall chipped and prepared
Finished house looks new again. Finish is REAL portland cement and REAL sand. Color is from Expo Stucco in San Diego. More info...

Old stucco is chipped using an electric chipping hammer. This allows new mortar to key on the old basecoat. To the right of the arch opening, you can see our bonding coat applied. This is a mixture of portland cement and sand with plenty of acrylic in the mortar for 
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Bonding coat Chimney cap.
Bonding coat is applied on the old stucco and the surface is left rough for the finish coat to bond well.
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Susan B Anthony dollars are embedded in the mortar on top of the chimney cap. One day, someone will climb up here and see them.
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Stucco addition
Arlington, VA

Pebble dash addition Close up of pebble dash finish
We stuccoed the side wall on this house in 2001. See what we did then We screened the pebbles to match the original.