Circa 1892 house
Petworth area
Washington, DC

Bottom of brick piers pebble finish
Bottom of brick piers at the entrance are
starting to fall apart.
Decorative blocks are made to hide our
brick repair and patch. These get a pebble
finish and look like they might have been
there in 1892.
victim of aluminum siding new lath and stucco
The house was a victim of aluminum siding.
With the siding torn off, a few small patches were required. The original stucco was still in good shape after more than a century.
Removing the siding tore off a lot of
the stucco on the bay window. We stripped off the lath and stucco, put in new insulation, and new lath and stucco.
old stucco house first metal lath
With new paint, this nice old stucco house will be back to its original glory. The first metal lath came out about 1890.
This sheet lath was made from a sheet of
metal, with holes punched in it.