Jobs in progress-updated September 13, 2003

Susie's pebble dash stucco
Petworth area
Washington, DC

pebble dash stucco bay
                window. An exact match on Susie's pebble dash stucco bay window.
Circa 1892 stucco still is holding up.


The pebble size was a challenge,
but I was able to match it exactly.
We're still the pebble dash kings  of the Washington area.

Dulin Methodist Church
Interior plastering
Falls Church, VA

We plastered
                the walls with a sand finish texture We plastered the walls with a sand finish texture, like the original.
  All the walls in sanctuary

are coated with new plaster.

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Dulin Methodist Church
Exterior stucco
Falls Church, VA

                gothic arches Styrofoam is for the moment.
Portland cement is for centuries.

Cool gothic arches adorn this historic stucco church. Originally built in 1869, Dulin underwent major renovations in 1892,and 1926.

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Jim's house
Alexandria, Virginia

stucco shower and stucco
                floor My first stucco shower and
first stucco floor.


These are popular in high end houses
out west and in foreign countries
such as Australia and South Africa.


Robinson High School
Fairfax, VA

plaster raquetball courts The raquetball courts we plastered 8 years ago are torn up and remodeled
to make exercise rooms.
Maybe raquetball is out, and exercise is in.