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Jobs in progress contains some 400+ pages. Here, you will find a wealth of information on the world's oldest building trade, plaster, both interior plaster, and exterior cement plaster, also known as stucco. Please click on the last update button for more.
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Stucco silo
Creek's Edge Winery
Taylorstown, Virginia
Map of
                  Catoctin Creek on Creek's Edge wine bottle
Stucco silo
                  at Creek's Edge winery, Taylorstown, Virginia
Cast concrete
Stucco silo
                  in Taylorstown, Virginia
LEFT: Cast concrete silo, waiting for the stone water
table and roof before we proceed.
TOP: Finished project shows random stone placement and a Spanish texture.
See how I did it.
                  texture stucco in Taylorstown, Virginia

A close up view of the texture.

                  concrete for stucco application.

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or on the pictures to see how we did it.
The surface of the cast concrete is roughed up with
electric chipping hammers to ensure a good bond.
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Color plaster stairway
Washington, DC

Color curved plaster stairway in Washington, DC
Color is made using paint tint.
The finish has a slight sandy texture.
Plaster on curves avoids the ripple potato chip
look like you see in drywall. Also, the surface
is durable and resists nicks and chips.
Super hard veneer basecoat is put on extra thick to round off the stairway.

This stairway is shaped like a four story pencil.
Finished stairway

Outside corners are bullnosed for a softer appearance.

A view from the third floor looking up.
Another stucco addition for
Whitcomb and Carrocio
in Washington, DC

Photo shows an
              excellent window sill design

The top is flashed
              correctly, angling the flashing down
Another routine stucco addition, I think our
seventh for Whitcomb and Carrocio.
Photo shows an excellent window sill design.
The back of the sill is notched to the stucco thickness, and the bottom of the sill is angled
down with a drip groove for good water runoff.
Peel and stick flashing lines the inside of the window opening.

The top is flashed correctly, angling the
flashing down. The sides are capped.
The flashing is then overlapped
              with a layer of tarpaper
No, we didn't tear off the tyvek.
The flashing is then overlapped with a layer of tarpaper, before applying metal lath.


The finish is White portland and white sand.
The addition was painted with masonry paint after
it set up for 30 days.
  Pebble dash stucco
patch and match
Washington, DC

Stopped up downspouts cause stucco
              damage in Washington, DC
Pebble dash stucco repair in
              Washington, DC
The root of the problem. Downspouts are stopped
up with leaves and even tree roots, causing
water to run out of the joints and eventually
damaging the stucco.
A tree is growing out of the top.

We patched the stucco and put the downspouts
back on.
Plaster ceilings replaced in
Alexandria, Virginia

Plaster ceiling replaced in
              Alexandria, Virginia

The white coat is troweled smooth on this
ceiling replacement in Alexandria.

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Stucco facelifts, replacing plaster ceilings with REAL plaster, patch and match, and on and on.
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