Re-do on an old Mediterranean style house in Arlington, Virginia.

Traditional stucco in the Washington DC area
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The wall at the front entrance is raised up 2
courses of block.
A pivoting swing arm is used to lay out the curve.
Conventional stucco in Arlington, VA
              stucco restoration in Arlington, Virginia
Brown coat on the front knee wall.
The front porch is now a nice semi private place
to sit.
Old arch is chipped and prepared, and loose areas removed. Note how the arch leans over to the right.
The finished arch and columns show the curved
theme of this nearly hundred year old stucco house.
Wall between houses.
A lot of these walls had never been painted.
The original color was made from yellow sand and white lime or portland.
Columns were trued up by setting wood strips and
filling in. This method is old fashioned, but we still do it.
Ornamental stucco mold
Ornamental stucco mold
Some left over White stucco finish was poured into the mold Proteus made from an old table.
If you didn't see how Proteus made the mold,
please click here.
The finished medallion has a hole drilled in the
back, and is hung on the wall like a picture.
Also a big glob of mortar with plenty of flex-con (an adhesive admixture) makes sure it won't fall off.
Ornamental stucco medallion
Ornamental stucco medallions
The edge of the medallion is embedded in the mortar. The top is finished first and rounded off
for good water run-off.
Some of the old medallions around the existing house.
Ornamental stucco medallion
Stucco on block
Finished wall.
The wall between the neighbor's is raised up 3 courses of block.
The end of the wall is curved
The finish coat is put on
The end of the wall is curved to match the theme of the house.
The finish coat is put on in two steps: a scratch coat and then the scallops.
yellow quarry sand and white portland

It doesn't look like it but this wall is 100 feet long.
The finished color is yellow quarry sand and white portland cement, close to the color of the original house.