Ornamental plaster bull noses in Woodbridge, Virginia

Outside of arch was done with a metal corner bead strip of masonite
Outside of arch was done with a metal corner bead. This one was made especially for plaster arches. They aren't made anymore. On the inside, I didn't want that metal bead look, but the historic look. We cut a strip of masonite and set it to the wall thickness. Here the finish plaster is
troweled on and allowed to set before removing the masonite.
Profile of bullnose Profile of bullnose in Virginia
Profile of bullnose is shown in this sheet metal
"knife" that I made.
Knife is then screwed onto wood backup,
that was cut with a jigsaw. The template is
then screwed onto this wood slider.
Note in the background: I made two templates.
This allowed us to run two noses at the same time.
mold template wood strip is positioned by using a level
Wood strip is screwed to wall. Wood strip is positioned by using the mold template and a framing square. Top of wood strip is positioned by using a level.
pebble dash stucco pebble dash stucco
Outside corner is filled with moulding plaster and lime and run by sliding the template up. After a few times filling and passing the 
template, my nose is shaping up.
Straight areas Cast plaster corbels
Straight areas are made by nailing a strip to one side and the filling in. Cast plaster corbels are stuck on using moulding plaster. These nice casts are from Italy. I bought them at a craft store for about $ 8 apiece.
Lamb's tongue is carved my dining room
Lamb's tongue is carved into the green mortar. Looks like 1890 in my dining room.