Jobs in progress-updated January 11, 2008
9th anniversary of jobs in progress, update # 97 !

Drain-able EIFS rots framing !
1999 "water managed" EIFS
manages to cause
extensive water damage.

EIFS off EIFS installation removed
Two windows had to be replaced. Other windows had rot around the edges but  were still OK. EIFS and tyvek torn off, showing rotted plywood sheathing that was replaced. 
Chimney has rotted studs and sheathing. After the dryvit and tyvek were torn off, a few remaining screws had to pulled out. All the screws were rusted, and the staples holding on the tyvek were also rusted. 
EIFS installation removed EIFS installation removed
Fortunately the studs were 2 by tens or they might have been rotted beyond re-use. 


Termites love EIFS. Termites(or carpenter ants) leave tunnels in the wet plywood. Foam is easy to tunnel behind, and the 
termites never have to return to the ground for water. 

Ornamental plaster
bull noses

Ornamental plaster bull noses Ornamental plaster bull noses
 These bullnoses were common in houses plastered around the turn of the century.
They add an elegant effect to this plaster dining room.
Bullnoses are run with molding plaster and lime using a mold template.


Our first color
pebble dash stucco

pebble dash stucco pebble dash stucco
Chimney has seen better days. 


Chimney re-stuccoed with color pebble finish. Note the drip cap we made at the top. 

Pebble dash stucco on a new house
in Chevy Chase, MD

pebble dash stucco please recycle
House finished awaiting paint. Pebble dash stucco adds an old look to a new house built in an old neighborhood.
SOS-Scrap Metal is recycled. Scrap lath, flashing, cans and whatever I can find is 
taken to Prince William County landfill for recycling. Most jurisdictions will pick up metal for free, if the owner calls. I only know
one other contractor that recycles. 
Please help. This is your planet, too.