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for Gilday Renovations

Texture step 1
texture step 2
Texture is splattered on with a brush in a random fashion. Oh no ! I got mortar on my clothes ! Now I can't go to the formal dance.
Blobs are knocked down when they set up.
chipping paint off bricks
stripping wall
Painted bricks required chipping of most of the paint. You may have seen how we do this here.
Wood strips are aligned with a string line. A string line never lies, like I always say.
rodding wall in between strips
brown coat
Wall is then rodded off between the strips.
Wall is dead straight.
Stucco band
Finished wall
Decorative bands at the bottom are formed with lumber, and filled in. A strip of metal lath is nailed on for insurance the bands won't ever fall off.
Wall finished to match the addition.
Side of house
Stucco fireplace before
Side view. Yellow, I mean ocher stucco sure looks nice with the copper roof

Brick fireplace gets a face lift.
Hearth troweled smooth
I put a lip on the hearth to create a slab like appearance.
The fireplace has a texture like the outside. The hearth is troweled smooth for a stone-like effect.
Texture on fireplace
A close up of the texture.