Jobs in progress-updated Sept. 25, 2010
               Over 11 years of jobs in progress, update # 114 !
Greetings from Virginia. All exterior finishes you see are REAL Portland cement and
REAL sand and not the toxic synthetic (fake) junk  that comes out of a bucket.
Did you know that producing one ton of synthetic stucco finish produces about 8 tons of toxic waste?

Stucco addition and remodel in McLean, Virginia
for Gilday renovations

Rest of house stuccoed
Scratch coat on painted brick
Remember the addition we did last update ?
The owner liked it so much she wanted to do the rest of the house, at least most of it.
Finish coat is REAL portland cement and REAL sand. Color is from Expo stucco in San Diego.
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Bricks had already been painted, requiring chipping the bricks and an acrylic bonder in the mortar.

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stucco fireplace and hearth

We did the fireplace inside with a matching texture.

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Cathy's house
Arlington, Virginia

Front of house
  Here is the house in Arlington from last update. The same story: they liked the stucco so much we came back to do the front of the house. 

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Stucco front
Falls Church, Virginia
Traditional stucco
Control joint
Rebecca shows off here new stucco. Color is a custom color from Expo stucco.

Control joints are made in the brown coat using a concrete groover.

Outdoor fireplace
Falls Church, Virginia
Outdoor fireplace

I used a gallon of black paint tint to make this gun metal grey color. Texture on bottom is rougher for a stacked look. This will be a great place for Moe to sit and smoke cigars in cold weather. Stone work is by Jeff Jones
of Custom stonescaping.

Patch and Match
pebble dash band
 Typical patch showing how we fixed a crumbling bottom. Do you have an ugly bottom?

 I made a separate page for Patch
and Match.
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Stucco addition
 A big stucco addition in Washington, DC.

Please check back to see progress.