Jobs in progress-updated August 29, 2008

Over nine years of jobs in progress, update # 101

1836  house re-stuccoed
Elk Hill Farm
Goochland, Virginia

Historic stucco restoration at Elk Hill Farm in Goochland, Virginia original historic appearance
Old stucco stripped off and restuccoed  to restore the original historic appearance.
Readers have written me to find out how to get mortar to bond to old soft brick, like the bricks here.
More details here..
Stucco scored to look like block, as was the original building.

Check out our method of scoring...
Finish coat is white portland cement, lime and river sand Finish coat is white portland cement, lime and river sand. I found some real river sand in Charlottesville that was just like the original sand which came from the nearby James River. It was real fine and had a high dirt content, just like the sand in the old mortar we stripped off. I am confident the color and texture are authentic.
The mottled colors of the real stucco add a random stone color effect. The joints were burnished, or darkened when they were scored. This gives the joints a deeper, richer look. The block finish would even look elegant on new houses. More details here..

Pebble Dash Kings Rule: Stucco replacement in Washington, DC

Stucco failing in Washington, DC pebble dash stucco
Isn't it ugly ? Old pebble dash stucco is
coming loose and falling off wall. Water infiltration cause the old stucco to
deteriorate. The original stucco was lime
and sand, much weaker than the portland
cement stucco we put back on. This damage
was probably caused by a leaking
roof, flashing or whatever.
We stripped off two sides of the house and put on new tarpaper, lath and stucco. Here, pebble mix is thrown on with a scoop.
We were able to match the size of rocks easily.
No tarpaper pebble dash stucco finished
What, no tarpaper ? Holes in stucco show
the original house had no vapor barrier,
but there was no rot at all, except below
a roof intersection that had no kick out flashing. Apart from that small repair, the sheating was in good shape.
Decorative band makes the wall look longer.

The back had a wood siding addition. We stuccoed the original house as well as the addition for a seamless appearance.
Before Finished house
Old stucco around bay window looks tired. All the old stucco and lath was easily stripped off. We  put the cable back on with new straps. House looks like 1925 again.

Stucco addition in
Alexandria, VA
for Saxon Builders

Stucco addition for Saxon buildersin Alexandria, VA Color stucco addition in Alexandria, VA
New stucco gleams like a gem. The original house will be painted to match the addition. You may have seen other jobs we have done for Saxon builders in the past.  Finish coat is white portland, lime, and no. 2 silica sand (crushed quartz). Color is number 12, "chablis", from La Habra Stucco. Texture is applied using random sized blobs. The top of this knee wall is rubbed with a float for a smoother finish.
The idea is that water won't collect and stand on the top. BTW, the basement level is cast concrete. The stucco mortar was bonded to the concrete using flex-con

Joe's House
Alexandria, VA

Blueboard and veneer plaster in Alexandria, Virginia I had to squeeze in another picture, even though this page is about 220k. If you have dial-up, please be patient. Scaffold set up to plaster inside. Scaffold is made from home-made trestles and covered with planks.  Plaster will be colored for a cool Venetian style finish. Please check back the next update.