Jobs in progress-updated  July  11, 2008

                 Over nine years of jobs in progress, update # 100 !

New color spanish style house in Alexandria, Virginia

Spanish  style stucco Spanish  STYLE STUCCO
REAL stucco with a REAL portland cement  and sand finish. Color is a custom color from Merlex stucco in Orange County, Calif. 
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Spanish barrel tile roofs required 
extra care to avoid breakage.
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tarpaper and metal lath. chimney cap
Back of house with tarpaper and metal lath.
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Time capsule- Coins are embedded in chimney cap. One day, someone will climb up here and see these coins.
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Historic restoration at Elk Hill Farm in Goochland, Virginia

historic stucco replaced stucco on old brick
Old stucco peeled off and scratch coat put on. I have had readers write to ask how to get mortar to bond to old bricks. Here is our secret:

Scratch coat on old bricks.

Old stucco peeled off with an electric chipping hammer.
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removing old stucco

Pebble Dash Kings are rocking in Washington, DC

Pebble dash stucco replaced
Pebble dash stucco replaced
Stucco replaced on entire side of house.
Masonite on windows protects windows during remodeling.
Original one by six sheathing is still in excellent shape despite large holes and years of water infiltration.
Pebble dash stucco replaced Bottom shows rebuilt decorative band and drip edge. Basement level is resurfaced.
Finish coat on basement is white portland cement and white sand.

Pebble Dash Kings keep rocking.
New house for Whitcomb and Caroccio
Bethesda, MD

Pebble dash stucco on new house Pebble dash stucco on new house
Pebble mix is thrown on. You may
have seen other jobs we have done for Whitcomb and Carrocio.
Pebble dash adds an attractive texture to this new house in an old neighborhood.