Jobs in progress-updated March 29, 2010
               Over 11 years of jobs in progress, update # 111 !

House remodel and re-stucco
in Arlington, VA

Dittmar St. Dittmar St.
Finished house from last update.
Our brave heroes persevere after 3 feet of snow.
Here, we are shoveling snow off the scaffold and roof to complete our noble mission.
Dittmar St.

Color is a custom color I made using paint colorant from Sherwin-Williams. Picture shows mixing color in a garbage can. Liquid mix is then mixed with white portland and sand for the finish coat. see how we made the color

Remodeling project
For W.B. Dorman Construction
in Silver Spring, Maryland

Plaster dining room Dorman
Plaster dining room. This is what I like, plaster on the inside and stucco on the outside.
Dining room is plastered using a rough texture.
Window replacement and changing doors around required several patches on the stucco.
A close up of the finished texture.

Patch and Match textures

pebble-dash pebble-dash
Pebble dash finish is thrown on. A close-up of a finished patch.
Catface stucco texture Catface stucco texture.
Addition in Arlington, VA. Close-up of the cat face texture. Color is from Expo stucco.
Dash on ceiling texture
Dash on ceiling texture
Stucco ceiling replaced in Washington, DC.

A close up of the dash on texture
Masonite stucco duplicated Masonite stucco duplicated
These stucco look masonite panels were popular in the 70's, particular on Tudor style houses. Here, panels are replaced with REAL stucco on this house in Manassas, Virginia.

Commercial building facelift
in Washington, DC
for JHI Contracting

Store on Pennsylvania Avenue
Art deco style facade had mud base and black ceramic tile, which was stripped off down to the brick and block.
Store on Pennsylvania Avenue
Store on Pennsylvania Avenue ABOVE: Wood blocks were laid into the bricks for nailers for the windows. It is very important to cover these nailing blocks with metal lath.
Areas of black tar and other nasty goo are chipped off with a chipping hammer. Color will be "Sedona" from EXPO stucco. We already finished this job, but I'm saving the pictures for next time. Please check back.