Jobs in progress-updated February 5, 2010
               Over 11 years of jobs in progress, update # 110 !

Mount Pleasant historic district
Washington, DC

Historic townhouse in Washington, DC Historic townhouse in Washington, DC
Historic appearance is restored on this old Santa Fe style townhouse using yellow masonry sand, white portland cement and lime.
A tent heat allows work to proceed during subfreezing weather.
Historic townhouse in Washington, DC

Surface of wall is chipped and prepared for resurfacing. Loose areas, badly spalled bricks and old patches are removed.
Wall is chipped back into the old basecoat, allowing mortar to bond to the old cement. Most of the old paint is chipped off. 
A permanent bond for new  mortar is done using an acrylic bonding admixture.

Remodeling project
Capitol Hill area
Washington, DC

Another townhouse in Washington, DC Another townhouse in Washington, DC
Finish coat going on using REAL portland cement and REAL sand. Color is from EXPO stucco in San Diego.
Old bricks have quite a few repairs and sloppy patches. Stucco is applied right over old bricks for a new surface.

House remodel and re-stucco
in Arlington, VA

House in Arlington House in Arlington
Old house as it appeared in Sepember.
An addition will be built and old stucco will be torn off and re-done.
Old stucco is lime and sand (with no cement), on wood lath. This is typical of the loose areas. There were quite a few old patchs and loose areas, warranting a complete removal and re-lath and stucco.
Stucco House in Arlington, Virginia House in Arlington.
An addition is added and roof extended on the left side. Old stucco is stripped off, and new windows are put in.

Scratch coat on metal lath. More...
House in Arlington Plastic heat tent makes work possible in winter months.

Chimney in McLean, VA
For Morris-Day

Chimney in McLean, VA Chimney in McLean, VA
We stuccoed this chimney about two years ago and I never put it on my site. Note how we flashed around the roof line. Also note our typical bands (or band) at the top. These bands extend the life of the chimney by preventing so much water from running down the face
of the stucco.
I wanted to show what a small world it is.

The house in the background is this house

that we did last summer.