Jobs in progress-updated June 15, 2000

Pebble dash stucco addition
Spring Valley area, Washington, DC

pebble dash pebble dash stucco with exposed stones
I like pebble dash. It is super hard. Front finished-pebble dash stucco with
exposed stones.
stones on the metal lath Stones all covered
Steve and JR from frontier Construction
set the stones on the metal lath.
The stones are set in thin set mortar
with drywall screws to hold them until the stucco is applied.
BTW-these are REAL stones.
The stones are all covered with plastic and tape until we're finished. This sure
is easier than cleaning mortar.
Pebble mix is thrown on the base coa A big addition
Pebble mix is thrown on the base coat after it starts to set with a scoop. A big addition.

Basement wall on new house
Potomac, Maryland

new stucco wall Colored portland cement finish
Mynor rods off the brown coat on this new stucco wall.
Colored portland cement finish. (REAL STUCCO)