Jobs in progress-updated May 6, 2003

Curved lath and plaster
stairway ceilings

cool curved stairway Stucco pediment
These way cool curved stairway ceilings are possible with lath and plaster. Stucco on the outside. This pediment
over the portico(remember the last update) is finished with REAL portland cement and REAL sand. Color is oatmeal from
La Habra stucco.

Lath and plaster coffer ceiling
Washington, DC

Lath and plaster troffer ceiling Lath and plaster troffer ceiling
Lath and plaster troffer ceiling Cool troffer ceiling finished( almost).
Troffer is formed by filling with molding plaster and lime and pushing mold template.

Note the door patch in the left hand picture.
The doorways were aligned for a view of
the ceiling in the dining room.

Plaster renovation
Washington, DC

Arch is lathed and plastered Sure looks better than that dern drywall
Arch is lathed and formed with masonite
and filled with molding plaster and lime.
This allows for same day completion.
Molding plaster used to be one of the magic materials, like duct tape, tie wire or drywall glue. 
Finished arch. Sure looks better than that dern drywall. We're stuccoing the back of this historic townhouse. Please check back for the dramatic pictures.

Siding off, stucco on

Siding off, stucco on Siding off, stucco on
Siding off, stucco on Jeff said the vinyl siding had to go from
his house.
The next time someone calls me trying to sell siding, they can come get it. I have to pay to dump it.
Care must be used nailing lath to the styrofoam, to avoid pressing the lath into the foam. It needs to be nailed by hand.
Mynor floats the magic float.
LEFT: Finish color is Saddleback from
La Habra stucco.

Back of townhouse stuccoed
Washington, DC

back side of this townhouse This attractive back side of this
townhouse is finished with Aspen
from La Habra stucco and REAL

The Aspen in Baltimore was way too  dark, so we cut the amount of color in half.

This project features some nice arches, beams and bands. 

We do a lot of the backs of townhouses  in Washington. One day, we'll graduate to