Jobs in progress-updated January 14, 2005

EIFS tear-off
Replaced with REAL stucco
Great Falls, VA

EIFS tear-off  Circa 1999 house  Great Falls, VA
EIFS off, stucco on House finished or just about. 

EIFS off, stucco on. 

More about this project

Finish coat is REAL portland cement and REAL sand. Color is 97 "Pacific Sand" from LaHabra Stucco. 

Quoins, jack arches over windows, etc. Are formed and filled with cement mortar, no flimsy foam. 


Finish coat is REAL portland cement and REAL sand
Window sills Window sills are formed with lumber and filled with cement mortar. The original house didn't have sills. The function of 
the sills is to deflect water running down the window or sides of window away from the building, preventing water infiltration and prolonging the life of the stucco. Something like this may have reduced the rot behind the EIFS. 

Pebble dash stucco
Takoma Park, MD

Old pebble dash stucco self-furring metal lath
Old pebble dash stucco stripped off with electric chipping hammer. We put self-furring metal lath over the  old wood lath. The old tarpaper is still in good shape so we re-used it. 
Stenciled letters on this old lath indicates it  probably used on old crates before it became lath.
Takoma Park, MD Old curve detail is rebuilt. It's nice to be back in Takoma Park again. 

Please check back to see this project finished.