Jobs in progress-updated March 25, 2005

Cool Stucco shower
Alexandria, VA

Stucco shower Stucco shower
Finish coat is white portland cement and sand colored with paint colorants.
Variations in color and texture add
a random natural appearance, like a cut stone.
Bottom of curved shower wall showing
curb at bottom. Shower won't have a door,
just the opening you see here.
Custom color was mixed for me at a paint store
Stucco shower Applying finish coat.

Pebble Dash Kings Still Rocking
Arlington, VA

Tal McBride's house Tal McBride's house
Finished wall showing the pebble dash stucco on the top floor, and a float finish (flat) stucco on the basement level.
ICF (insulated concrete forms) are used on
basement walls. The insulation is supported
by these plastic studs, which the metal lath is screwed to. The plastic has chairs molded in to support rebar.

Two more stucco additions

Stucco addition in Washington, DC Another stucco addition in Washington, DC
Picture shows scratch coat on metal lath on this addition in Northwest Washington, DC. Stucco addition in Northeast Washington, DC