Jobs in progress-updated June 20, 2005

Stucco chimneys
McLean, Virginia

Stucco chimneys McLean, Virginia Stucco chimneys McLean, Virginia
Chimney cap with drip edge is formed with 2 by 4's and filled. Top is sculptured for the maximum water run off.
 The drip edge allows water to run off and not down the face of the stucco, assuring long life for our product.
Finish is REAL portland cement and 
REAL sand. 
Color is "Southern Moss" from La Habra stucco. 
Round chimney cap is also decoratively unique.

EIFS garbage off, stucco on.
Gainesville, Virginia

EIFS garbage off, stucco on Counter flashing for stucco
House looks pretty much the same except mottling and color variation shows off REAL stucco and not the fake stuff that comes out of a bucket.
Finish coat is our secret recipe for portland cement and sand.
Color is "Dove grey" from La Habra stucco.
Counter flashing is bent and put over existing step flashing. One important reason for counter flashing is to keep water from leaking in with heavy snow or ice on the roof. Snow trapped against the house melts and can run up under the step flashing.
We have done our own flashing for the last few years to prevent being blamed for leaks.

A stucco addition in
Northeast Washington, DC

Attractive stucco addition
Attractive stucco addition in this old Washington neighborhood. 
Color is "French vanilla" from La Habra stucco.

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Stucco addition in
Northwest Washington DC

Stucco addition in Northwest Washington DC A project for Victor Wilburn, architect. Color is "Alamo"  from La Habra stucco.