Jobs in progress-updated Nov. 24, 2006
Almost 8 years of updates !

EIFS tear-off
Replacement with stucco
Arlington, VA

REAL portland cement and REAL sand real stucco
Finish coat about finished. Finish is REAL portland cement and REAL sand. Color is No. 97 "Pacific sand" from La Habra stucco.
Real stucco finishes add depth and warmth to a home or addition.

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Mottling and uneven colors shows off the real cement finish. You can tell real stucco from a distance. It sure is different from the fake stuff like you see on new houses in McLean or Great Falls, for example. 

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decorative band. sill
Check out my design on the decorative band.
The top has a 45 degree angle for better water run off.

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Bottom edge is angle down for a drip. This prevents water running back to the wall and
prematurely staining and deteriorating the stucco.

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dern dryvit A view of the back of the house. Sure looks better since we tore off that dern dryvit.

For pictures of the birds infesting the EIFS before we tore it off, see the last update

Brian's house
a stucco addition in
Arlington, VA

Metal lath vent the attic
Metal lath gleams in the sun on this stucco addition in Arlington 
check back to see it finished.
A close up shows the unique design to vent the attic. A fascia board will be nailed on the two by four blocks, and extended past the top edge of the stucco. Attic will breathe between the stucco and the fascia.

Venetian style plaster
Alexandria, VA

Veneer plaster basecoat Veneer plaster, or thin coat plaster
Veneer plaster basecoat is troweled on blue board, or blue gypsum board. Finish coat will 
have a color Venetian style finish.

You may have seen some of our color interior finishes before.

Brown coat on reflective window pocket.
check back to see the finish coat.

Veneer plaster, or thin coat plaster is an excellent compromise between the expense of regular plaster and the cheap quality of paper surfaced drywall.