Jobs in progress-updated Oct. 18,2006
Almost 8 years of updates !

EIFS tear-off
Replacement with stucco
Alexandria, VA

Birds living in dryvit EIFS Replacement with stucco
Birds living in dryvit !
House infested with birds required tearing all EIFS off. There were over 20 birds nests in the walls of this house.
These aren't even woodpeckers.
Once the birds learn they can stick their beaks in the flimsy foam, the house is history.
House becomes giant bird house !

The public probably just doesn't know how flimsy this stuff is.
I am sure the manufacturers don't warn you your house can be infested by birds.
EIFS EIFS garbage is easily scraped off with a garden spade. Readers write to ask the best method to tear off EIFS. We found a flat end garden spade works the best. First, the outer membrane is slit by punching it with the spade. The membrane can be peeled like peeling an orange. The foam is easily scraped off with the spade. This EIFS had a double layer of cloth for more impact resistance.
Still, it was easily peeled off. A hole can be easily poked in the wall with a pencil.

Siding off, stucco on.
Round Hill, Virginia
for Doug Bibb's Landscaping Co.,
Herndon, VA

REAL white portland cement and REAL sand. Siding off, stucco on
Finish coat is REAL white portland cement and REAL sand.
Color is #82 "Hacienda" from La Habra stucco. We mixed the color one third strength
for a warmer color.
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Vinyl siding is easily stripped off using bare hands. Sheathing was therma-ply. Band is an OSB brace. Homeowners said they could feel a breeze in the house on windy days.
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Outdoor shower
and stucco addition
Washington, DC

Outdoor shower Stucco addition
Shower floor is troweled fairly smooth, with a swimming pool trowel. Floor is left a little rough for good traction. Tape is peeled off drain. Color is La Habra #17, "misty", to match addition.
Note how stucco finishes just above drain for good drainage.
Stucco addition on same project.
Finish is REAL portland and REAL sand.

Stucco addition
Washington, DC

dashing on mortar texture
Finish texture made by dashing on mortar with a plastic broom. Close up of the texture. We did an addition in front. The homeowners wanted stucco in back, too.