A stucco addition for
Whitcomb and Carrocio
in Chevy Chase, MD

Grooves on chimney Grooves on chimney.
Grooves on chimney Grooves on chimney are done like this:

Top left: 1 by 4's are nailed on the scratch coat.

Top right: Brown coat straightened and
1 by 4's removed.

Left:  Finished chimney showing decorative grooves.


texture is done by Proteus, Arch is formed with masonite
 Finish is REAL white portland cement 
and REAL silica sand. Completely random
texture is done by Proteus, a fictitious artist.
Proteus wears duct tape on his shoes so people think he is a starving artist.
 Arch is formed with masonite. The outside
corner is formed by nailing a one by four
and filling in.
Scaffold on roof Scaffold on roof
Brown coat on gable ends TOP LEFT: Scaffold on roof is made with lumber, and designed to take the weight of the ridge vent, or the area on the peak of the roof. Note how roof is covered with tarpaper and tape to avoid mortar on roof.

TOP: Brown coat on gable ends.

LEFT:  Mynor rods off brown coat.