Jobs in progress
                 updated January 20, 2012

                           13 years of jobs in progress, update #121 !  
Jobs in progress contains some 400+ pages. Here, you will find a wealth of informaton on the world's oldest building trade, plaster, both interior plaster, and exterior cement plaster, also known as stucco. Please check it out. A table of contents is forthcoming, like I did on the Stucco News.

EIFS garbage replaced with REAL stucco in McLean, VA
                cement stucco finish coat
stucco scored to look like
I show off the finish coat. I had info of the lath and flashing, brown coat and decorative details.
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Another view of the faux limestone blocks.
Note the stucco ceiling

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Embedded medal A medal from the secretary of the Air Force is
embedded on the front of the chimney.

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solid stucco moulding
The SOLID CEMENT cove moulding is finished. The moulding runs all the way around the house
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Elk Hill Farm
Goochland, Virginia
Historic stucco replaced
retaining wall
Back to Goochland for phase 2. The original
house was built in 1836. This wing on the back,
was built around 1900.
Old stucco and masonry was deteriorated and
needed a re-do.
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The retaining wall was dug out, the bricks covered with 2 layers of bituthene, and the trence
filled with gravel. Now drain pipes carry the water away from the building.

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retaining wall
old stucco is stripped off
Column is temporarily supported with 2 by fours, while the bricks are replaced on the retaining walls. Some areas were to far gone to be patched, and were replaced with new bricks.
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The old stucco is stripped off using electric chipping hammers.

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A couple of chimneys
Chimney before

Chimney after
This chimney in Arlington
was relined on the inside,
and was due for a re-stucco.

Look any better ?
We stuccoed the garage here
in 2004.

Permastone replaced
Takoma Park, MD
Permastone chimney
Permastone was an old 1950's
stucco that looked like stone.

              chimney Joints are scored when the brown coat
starts to set.
Color is put in the finish coat to make the