Jobs in progress #149

Updated May, 2017

Colorful stucco addition in Arlington, Virginia

Two artisan fireplaces, one stucco and one plaster

artisan fireplace in Frederick, Maryland

Fireplace in Frederick, Maryland is rough troweled cement and sand. The color is made using paint tint.

Plaster fireplace in Alexandria, Virginia

Plaster put on in an angle and is troweled smooth in an angle. Note how the angular color mottling adds movement.

Stucco over hardie board in New Baltimore, Virginia

Chimney re-stucco in Reston, Virginia

Chimney cap in Reston, Virginia

Chimney cap, or crown, had deteriorated and had holes, causing water damage.

Toll Brothers house has thin one coat stucco in Reston, Virginia

One coat stucco is chipped to be re-coated. This Toll Brothers house has thin one coat stucco.

Flagstone chimney shoulder

Flagstone chimney shoulder projects out allowing for good water runoff.

synthetic finish

We put on a synthetic finish to match the original one coat.

We do very little synthetic. I had to here to match the house.

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