Jobs in progress-updated May 11, 2008
                 Over nine years of jobs in progress, update # 99 !

New generation "drainable"
EIFS rots houses !
"Water managed" EIFS
manages to cause
extensive water damage.

EIFS off Dryvit torn off
8 year old EIFS garbage is removed along with rotted plywood sheathing and studs.
I can stick my finger into wet and rotted stud.
EIFS installation torn off stucco addition finished
House covered with tarp waiting for carpentry repairs, which took about 3 months.
Spring 2008: Finished addition with REAL
stucco with a REAL portland cement and REAL sand finish. Addition has a cool design. 

Lisa's house
Washington, DC

Traditional color stucco in Washington, DC
three coat stucco in Washington, DC
Renovation and re-stucco on this circa 1921 house

More details here
Finish coat is REAL portland cement and REAL sand. Color is a custom color from Merlex stucco.
More details here

Remodeling for
Heritage Builders, Inc.
Gaithersburg, MD

Stucco installation Texture matched
Renovation on this old 1920's building in
Lace texture knocked down with a trowel.
Texture matches on the money.
lace texture

Joe's house
Alexandria, Virginia

Joe's house
Alexandria, Virginia

Lath and stucco on new house

Traditional stucco in Alexandria, Virginia
This is a big house with lots of outdoor
work and indoor plaster as well. Please check the next update for details.
Tyvek torn off, tarpaper put on.  Back of house showing mahogany doors and precast concrete window surrounds. 

Elk Hill Farm
Goochland, Virginia

Elk Hill Farm
Goochland, Virginia
historic stucco historic  stucco
1822 farmhouse will have old stucco stripped off and re-done. 
We are providing the scaffold for this project. After the roofers and carpenters finish, we'll strip off the stucco and re-do it.

Old stucco was scored to look like granite blocks like this other 1822 building.we did here We built a rack for quick scoring in hot weather. Many readers have written to ask how we scored the stucco, and how we get mortar to bond to the old, soft porous brick. Please check back for the interesting details.


recycle SOS- I recycle all our scrap metal lath, junk tools, etc. On the left is
a pick-up load of metal I pulled out of a dumpster on one of our remodeling jobs. I estimate I have recycled over two tons of metal in the last 6 months.
I can't save our planet alone. Please help.
If a million contractors keep a ton of metal out of the landfill every year, that is a million tons a year of metal.