Jobs in progress-updated July 10, 2009

Over 10 years of jobs in progress, update # 106 !

New color stucco house
Vienna, Virginia

New stucco house Gleaming yellow stucco shows of this new custom home. Finish is REAL portland cement and REAL sand and not the toxic synthetic stuff. Color is a custom color from Merlex stucco. Note the nice color balance with the rough stone veneer.

BELOW RIGHT:concrete stairs are stuccoed to match house, both the stairway and the stairs themselves.

BELOW: Quoins are formed with lumber and filled with lath mortar for solid quoin. We don't work with flimsy foam. Note how the quoins are staggered for an interlocking block look.

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New stucco house stucco quoins
chimney stucco
Top of chimney is my monument to
Thomas Jefferson, one of my heroes
from history.

One day, someone will climb up here
and see the two Jefferson dollar coins and two Jefferson nickels I embedded in the mortar.

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Color plaster
Alexandria, Virginia

Color plaster walls Elegant mottled colors accent the beauty of plaster walls
Remember Tim's house ?
 Here is the slide show I made the last time we were here: Slide show
We came back two years later to do the first floor.

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Elegant mottled colors accent the beauty of plaster walls and ceilings. Finish coat is  Keene's cement, lime and sand. Surface is incredibly hard, scratch resistant, and scrubbable. Color is organic paint colorant,
made from plants, making this as green a  material as there is.
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Troweling color plaster

Troweling down a color finish in
this bathroom.

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Back to Joe's house
Alexandria, Virginia

stucco poolscape Concrete can be permanently stuccoed
Remember Joe's house
 from last summer ?

We came back to do the Poolscape in the back.
See how we did it...
Concrete can be permanently
 stuccoed, contrary to popular belief.
 See how we did it...

Pebble-dash addition in Chevy Chase, MD

Pebble-dash addition Here is an addition we did in 1995 that was torn down and rebuilt when the new owners wanted a different look. I heard they had a hard time tearing out my stucco. Ha ha ha I don't put it on to tear off

Please recycle

Please recycle We recycle our scrap metal lath, and any other metal we find on our job sites.
 Here, we are recycling pallets at the recycling facility in Prince William county. A lot of pallets are used in construction and it is sad to see the pitched into the landfill.