Jobs in progress-updated July 4, 2007
                        Over 8 years of updates !

Plaster walls-durable
and lasting quality
Takoma Park, MD

Color plaster finish

Color plaster finish is troweled smooth.

Finish is Keene's cement and lime. Keene's cement is really a gypsum plaster that develops incredible strength  and resistance to abuse. 
It can be scrubbed and resists water. 

More about Keene's cement...

Color is added in, requiring no painting, and color adds cool effects. Color is a Benjamin Moore color, "Acadia white", that I had mixed at a Sherwin William's store. 

Color stucco on
a new custom home
Fairfax, Virginia

HONEST portland cement and and REAL sand
House finished. Color is HONEST portland cement and and REAL sand, and not the fake stuff that comes out of a bucket. Color is number 73 "eggshell" from La Habrastucco. 
RIGHT:  I fooled you! I bet you thought these window surrounds were cut sandstone. Faux stones are color cement and sand. 
Faux stone arches
Stucco arches and patio finished. Stucco arches and patio finished. 


New Mexico style "diva"
in Arlington, VA

New Mexico style "diva" Rough finish is White portland and white sand colored with "crystal white", #50 
from La Habra stucco. 

Colorful pots are broken up with pieces randomly embedded in the mortar 


Another addition for
Merrick Design and Build

attractive addition lashing the curved tudor trim
Another attractive addition for Merrick design and build from Kensington, MD A view of the fine job Merrick did on flashing the curved tudor trim boards.

Garage in Arlington, VA

Garage in Arlington, VA  Color is number 820, "silverado", from La Habra stucco.

Note the recessed panel in the front and 
the stone drip caps on the columns.

Garage in Chevy Chase, MD
for Clifton Drywall

Garage in Chevy Chase, MD Garage in Chevy Chase, MD
A view of the back of the garage. Even though the wall gets painted, we always  finish with white portland and white sand, 
except for pebble dash.
This garage has recessed panels , too. 
How we do them: when the brown coat has set up, one by fours are nailed to the wall for forms and filled.

Faux marble blocks
T G Liphart, Inc.

Faux marble blocks Stucco is scored and troweled to replicate  cut marble blocks. Please check back for the next update to see how we did it.

Our Lady of Hope
Potomac Falls, Virginia
for Scott Long Construction

color cement stucco Mechanical enclosure will have color cement stucco finish scored in a grid. 

Wall is designed for ivy to grow on it, anchoring it's roots in the stucco. 

Please check back for the next update to see how we did it. I'll show our method of 
permanently bonding mortar to cast concrete, and other interesting details.

Tal's house, phase 2
Arlington VA

counter flashing over the  step flashing and a kick-out flashing Another view of counter flashing over the  step flashing and a kick-out flashing. 

The kick-out flashing deflects water away from  the wall. 
We bent the counter flashing ourselves with a sheet metal brake. 

Note how we covered the roof with tar paper. Cement mortar won't come of roof shingles, I don't care what somebody tells you, it will always leave a residue. 
Please check back for the next update