Jobs in progress-updated May 23, 2007
                        Over 8 years of updates !

New house in
Takoma Park, MD

stucco  house in Takoma Park Border design on stairs
We rejoin our heroes from last time here at this attractive house in Takoma Park.
Finish is REAL portland cement and REAL sand. Color is #81 "Oatmeal" from La Habra stucco. Chimney is #820 "Silverado" to add a stone like contrast.
Border design on stairs is my signature
on this project.



plastering the inside We're plastering the inside,
 at least the first floor. Saw bench like legs are nailed to planks. These planks used in this style are called "bats".



Stacey's garage
Frederick, MD

soffit vents in the stucco Finish coat sprayed with hopper gun
Garage from last update is finished.
Note how soffit vents in the stucco ceilings allow air circulation. Air enters soffit vents at bottom of gable end. Hot air exits through
ridge vent on roof.
Finish coat sprayed with hopper gun to match existing house.


New custom home
Fairfax, Virginia

arches arches
A view of the front of Gus's house, showing the arches at the front entrance.
Masonite strips are set with string lines on the arches, after the scratch coat sets up. Columns are formed with wood strips at the same time.
rodding off brown coal faux sandstone window surrounds
Mynor rods off wall top to bottom to make sure it is straight. Is the wall straight?
I garr-an-tee it, like the cajun chef used to say. .see how we did it
Check out our forms for the window surrounds.
These will have a faux sandstone like look.



Stucco addition
Washington, DC

stucco addition inWashington, DC stucco addition inWashington, DC
This is the third addition we have stuccoed on this house in the last 11 years.

We also stuccoed the house next door.

Stone cap is put on using a string line.

Notice how far the cap projects from the wall. The idea is to prevent water from running behind the stucco, causing premature failure.

Two more stucco projects

New Mexico style "diva" Pressue treated posts
New Mexico style "diva" will have an electric insert. Here scratch coat awaits further filling in. check back to see the finished project and how we did it. People have asked me about putting stucco on pressure treated posts, and I have always advised against it, because pressure treated lumber warps and twists so bad. I think this method will not fail.
Check back for more details.