Jobs in progress #159

Updated September,   2019 !

Almost 21 years of jobs in progress !

EIFS torn off and replaced with stucco
in Ashburn, VA

Light foam backer rod absorbs and traps water against windows

Light foam backer rod absorbs and traps water against windows and should never be used for this. A hard rubber type backer rod is made for sealing around windows.


Liquid color for cement stucco finish

Protecto Wrap is folded over the back of the window. Sealing the window after the stucco is done is like shutting the barn door when the horses have gone.


Pebble dash replaced
in the Chevy Chase area of Washington, DC.

Cleveland Park Historic District
Washington, DC

Cleveland Park Historic District in Washington, DC

Renovation created a lot of patch work. This house had already been patched 14 times. We counted 14 different textures.

Stucco replaced in Washington, DC

Burlap bag textures are matched on the money.

Historic stucco renovation in Cleveland Park area of Washington,DC

Heavy bag stipple

Stucco repair in Cleveland Park in Washington, DC

Crow's foot stomp

Stucco in Cleveland Park in Washington, DC

Rough basement texture duplicated.

Pointy bag stipple in Washington, DC

Pointy bag stipple.

Plaster renovation in Alexandria, Virginia
for:    The Avenue Builders

Plaster infills in Alexandria, Virginia

Raising the ceiling and tearing out walls required plaster infills.

Molding plaster and lime in Alexandria, VA

Patch work done with molding plaster and lime.

Tent is made using plastic and tape to avoid splattering mortar everywhere

Plaster rodded off at ceiling line.

Plaster repair in Virginia

Finished product better than new.

EIFS replaced with stucco
in Falls Church, Virginia

EIFS done right in Virginia

They put on flimsy EIFS in high traffic areas. Laundry carts and hand trucks tear up EIFS like it was nothing.


How to apply EIFS in Virginia

Cement basecoat has a synthetic finish to match the cheap looking EIFS. If someone bumps into the wall with a cart, it will damage the cart.


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