Jobs in progress #160

Updated December,   2019 !

Almost 21 years of jobs in progress !

Ornamental plaster restored
Dupont Circle area
Washington, DC

Color cement stucco addition
in Rappahannock County, Virginia.

Andersen windows

Top of new window by a major manufacturer is level, in fact, slightly angled into the wall. The angle funnels water into the wall, deteriorating the stucco.


Stucco over spalling brick
in Manassas, Virginia

Color Stucco in Manassas, Virginia

The finish coat on the band is angled down along the top for water to run off. White offers a nice contrast with the bluish stucco panel.


Christ Church
The oldest church in Washington, DC

Historic stucco in Washington, DC

Addition built in the 1970's is leaking.

Castle like parapet wall in Washington, DC

Castle like parapet wall has loose areas removed, and new flashing put over the edge of the roof membrane.

Color pebble dash stucco in Washington, DC

Loose areas and all horizontal areas are redone with colored cement and pebbles. We use an additive to make the mortar less porous.

Historic stucco church repaired in Washington, DC

Historic stucco church repaired.

Addition on another farm house
in Broad Run, Virginia
for R.E. Moore, Inc.

Stucco farm house in Broad Run, Virginia

Original house was stuccoed in the 1940's over wood clapboard.

stucco_addition in Virginia

Finish coat is REAL white portland cement and REAL sand.

Patch and match
in Takoma Park, Maryland

old house in Takoma Park

Typical of our repair jobs, is this old house in Takoma Park.

A photo from 1900 in Takoma Park

A photo from 1900 shows the same house under construction. Note the old fire hydrant in the foreground.

A couple more

Spanish texture matched in Montclair, Virginia

Spanish texture matched in Montclair, Virginia.

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